for us struggle lives
flicker rate and lamplight
screens and paperbacks
our spot on the couch
in a room
with drawn curtains

it's imperial troops
hunting the rebel base
in a galactic revolt
as imagined by some guy
at a keyboard

it's a great evil amassing
across a noble realm
of swords and spells
and axes and elves
in an epic trilogy
soberly crafted
over whiskied years

or whatever

as in
whatever is wheeled out
for consumption

such as
a romanticized tale
of a great war for sovereignty
of a stout people affronted
and a vile king defied
and so on

a story
of intolerable acts
and a midnight ride
and something about
hot beverages being dumped
into the sea

or perhaps
it's that warlord
a few continents away
the one
from that news clip
who rules
his wretched jungle through
menace and machete
seven hundred butchered
and a village turned to ash

or was that the fellow
in the desert...

struggle is
action and intrigue
it's absorption and escape
it's back then or
it's over there
it's anything
but the everything
and anywhere
but in your room

with your couch

and your drawn curtains

struggle for you and i is
whatever keeps us
in our spot
whatever keeps us
from standing up
and moving to the window
and taking a peek

short of a window
busting through
the fucking wall