the flags
line the road like
guiding lights
and i've come to see

not sure what it is
but i was
and i tend not to question
such things

it ain't happenin'
until i see
the man marching along
waving a giant american

i wanna walk
alongside the man
and ask him about freedom

freedom to think
to speak
to associate

to live as one desires
and to believe
as one chooses

the freedom to succeed
and grow strong
and to fail
and grow wise

the freedom to seek union
with others
and build
and the freedom
to break that union and
begin anew

i wanna walk
alongside the man
and ask him all this
and then i wanna slip out
and wait

there's another man
twenty yards back and
i wanna ask him the same

he's marching too
and has a symbol
of his own

you can't miss him

amidst the orgy
of flags
his is the confederate